Demonstrated Achievement History


Neena Virmani (NV) Pioneered North India's inaugural SAT Center in 2005 and AP Center in 2022, setting new standards in test prep and college admissions support.

Leaders in Test Prep

  • Established SAT and AP training, setting benchmarks in North India.
  • Trained staff for proctoring and invigilating SAT and AP exams.

Global Reach

Facilitated admissions to Ivy League and prestigious universities worldwide.

  • Students placed in Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, and more.
  • Extended reach includes Singapore & Hong Kong, SMU, NUS, NTU.
  • Support for admissions into top Medical Colleges.

National Impact

  • Secured placements in renowned Indian institutions like IITs, Delhi University, National Law College, NMIMS, Ashoka.
  • Committed to delivering exceptional educational support domestically and internationally.

Empowering Futures

  • Guided students ethically to secure admissions globally.
  • Unwavering commitment to shaping students' academic journeys and futures globally.